Rehabilitation Programs and Services

Lethbridge Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Programs from Lethbridge Physiotherapy Clinic

Post-surgical programs follow the guidelines set by the surgeon involved to help the patient gradually increase mobility, function, endurance, and strength of the affected area or areas.

Work Conditioning Programs

These are conditioning programs designed to help when barriers of returning to work occur. These could include a lack of endurance, strength, or specific conditioning for a job. Generally, these programs would occur over a one to four-month period of time.

Long Term Disability Programs

These are programs design to help persons on long term disability to re-enter the workforce. These programs are customized for clients and their specific reason or reasons for being off work. These programs are designed to have an end goal of getting clients to return to the workforce. Although this is not always possible, there are good outcome measures for people to get back to work both physically and mentally.

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